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Low Vacuum Dehydrator & Degassifier

The special unit grants an all-embracing process to remove gases and water from the oil, when the temperature reads less than 53 deg C. These Low Vacuum Dehydrator and Degassifier Unit help in substantial reduction of oxidation during the dehydration stage. The unit is appreciated for its fast comprehensive automatic operations as well as lessening of water content by 0.25% - 1.5% in a single pass. The level at which these units remove air and soluble gases is 50% of saturation (maximum). These Low Vacuum Dehydrator and Degassifier Unit are inexpensive and are especially designed for overcoming primary drawbacks such as emulsified water retention and oxidation.

The working of model LVDH-50 is given below:
  • A vacuum pump & heater is used to draw oil into the vaporizer.
  • Water is boiled via the vacuum pressure at temperature below 53°C
  • Condensate water is collected with an efficacious condenser
  • Vacuum pump is used for bled the dissolved gases & air to the atmosphere
Salient Features
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Oil circulation helps in complete water removal to achieve 50% below saturation level
  • In a single pass, water content is reduced by 0.25% -1.5% depending on the temperature of inlet oil
  • Soluble air and gases are removed to achieve 50% below saturation level

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