Particle Counter for Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil

Our Particle Counter For Hydraulic And Lubricating Oil is used for the oil contamination analysis. It ensures the continuous operation of Hydraulic And Lubricating Oil Systems and help in its permanent condition monitoring. Also, the Particle Counter prevents any damage caused by the particulate contamination. It provide accurate readings of the relative humidity, air temperature and count of particles.

Hippo Filter System

The Hippo Filter System helps to remove the solid harmful contaminants from oil upto 3 microns. The system maintains cleanliness of oil in the machine and ensures effective filtration that extends the life of machine. It eliminates water from the oil by using cellulose elements. Also, it removes the solid contaminants and dirt and also reduces the downtime of machine.

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner

Our Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner Machine helps in removing particles of various sizes and solid contaminants from the oil. It cleans the lubricating and hydraulic oils and water from the machine. This enables to smoothen the components of machine and remove all types of particles such as wood, plastic, rubber, etc. The machine is available in various oil velocities and oil tank capacities.

Coolant Filtration System
The Coolant Filtration System which is used to purify various type of fluids by clarification and recover fluid-free and clean particles. It helps in cleaning various particles such as non-magnetic and magnetic particles, sand particles, corundum, etc. It is provided with an integrated heater that ensures low ambient installations. Further, this system increases the output of machine and reduces its down time.
Magnetic Coolant Separator
Our company offers Magnetic Coolant Separator that is a device used to clean coolant liquid with fine ferrous particles. Also, it removes iron chips from grinding or milling liquid. The separator also helps in honing and washing the liquids, cutting oils and coolants. The wide applications of the separator includes superfinishing, surface grinding, centreless grinding, internal/external grinding, etc. Further, it extends the life of grinding wheels, pumps and cutting tools.
The Oil Moisture Sensor Detector is a device which is used to measure the moisture content in oil. It give accurate results of the amount of moisture in all type of oils, whether hydraulic or lubricating. The moisture is measured with the help of a dielectric sandwich placed in between the two metal plates. Water and oil have different dielectric values that enable calibration of sensor and measurement of moisture content.
Gear Box Oil Filtration System
Our offered Gear Box Filtration System helps to remove the ferrous contamination from gear boxes. It is provided with a mechanical filter that has a magnet strainer for reducing the downtime of gearbox. The system is used for removing the moisture and particle contamination from the high viscosity gear oils. Its various applications include eliminating sludge, removing solid particles, absorbing water, etc.
Water Glycol Fluids Filtration Unit
The Water Glycol Fluids Filtration Unit contains water glycol which is a solution of ethylene or  diethylene glycol, water, high weight polyglycol and additive package which helps in removing particulate in potassium format, glycol, water, etc. The various applications of the unit includes coke furnace door openers, fork lifts, electric welders, straddle trucks, hot metal sheers, aircraft carrier catapults, etc.
Portable Oil and Fuel Cleanliness Monitor
The Portable Oil and Fuel Cleanliness Monitor is widely used for wind power, process technology, diesel system fuel, tank cleaning equipment, railway technology, construction equipment, etc. It helps in monitoring the cleanliness of various type of fuels and oils and detecting the impurities in it. The monitor has an on-board pump which is self contained. Also, it is provided with a rechargeable battery and various remote telemetry.
Oil Filtration Systems
The Oil Filtration System helps in removing water and other impurities from the oil by using various polypropylene and cellular elements. It filter down the impurities of 20 microns. The system reduces the machine downtime and increases the intervals of oil drain. Also, it removes all type of dirt as well as solid contaminants upto NAS 5/ISO 14/9.
Industrial Oil Cleaner
Our company is a prominent manufacturer of Electrostatic Oil Cleaner which is a device used in various petrochemical and chemical industries. It remove the dirt particles, water, oxydation products and various other contamination from the non-conductive liquids such as transformer oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, etc. The machine is suitable for all type of fire resistant fluids and high temperature applications.
Low Vacuum Dehydration Machine
Our company offers Low Vacuum Dehydration Unit that helps in removing water from various type of oils such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, etc. It removes the oil at a temperature below 530 degree Celsius, thus reduces oxidation at the time of process of dehydration. It is an automatic, quick and inexpensive method of removing moisture from the oil.
Vacuum Degasser
We are a leading supplier of high quality Low Vacuum Degasification Unit, which is extensively used for removing gas and moisture from the oil at a temperature less than 53 degree Celsius. This helps in minimizing oxidation at the time of dehydration process. It is a very quick and effective method of removing water through the oil recirculation.
Filtration System for Hydraulic & Lubrication Oil
Our Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filtration System is designed to maintain the cleanliness of oil in order to extent machine's life. The system helps in increasing the intervals of oil drain and service and reducing the machine downtime. Also, it removes all the contaminants and dirt present in oil upto NAS 5/ISO 14/9. It provides continuous protection to the oil and machine.
Online Particle Counter
The offered Online Particle Counter is designed for counting the in-line particles. The particle count is shown on a monitoring device attached to the counter. It avoids the system damage and quickly changes as per the changing contamination level. It is extensively utilized in chemical and petrochemical industries as well as oil refineries to check the purity level of oil.

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